Jayesh Patel

Jayesh Patel

GDC No. 61883
B.D.S M-MedSci (Implantology)

Dr. Jayesh Patel, a proud Northerner from Manchester, embarked on his dental journey in 1982, culminating in his qualification from Kings College London in December 1986. Immersed in the NHS near his alma mater, Dr. Patel maintained close ties with his mentors and colleagues. Inspired by exceptional dentists and oral surgeons during his early career, he delved into further study to broaden his expertise.

In the late 80s, along with his wife—a fellow Kings graduate—Dr. Patel ventured into owning their first dental practice in St Albans. It was here that his passion for Cosmetic dentistry sparked, marked by his inaugural placements of Porcelain Veneers and tooth whitening. Venturing into dental implantology in 2001, Dr. Patel began his journey of restoring and eventually placing implants. His implant training commenced at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute, followed by an intensive 1-1 course in dental implants at the Charles Clifford Dental School in Sheffield. Subsequently, he achieved his masters in Dental Implants.

With a portfolio boasting thousands of implants, Dr. Patel remains committed to continuous learning and development, honing his skills through specialized courses at home and abroad. Balancing his professional life, Dr. Patel enjoys a vibrant personal life with his wife, Chhaya, also a dentist. Together, they cherish moments with their two sons and two daughters-in-law. An avid fitness enthusiast, Dr. Patel finds solace in the mountains and outdoors, complemented by his penchant for non-fiction literature.

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