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  • Maintain better oral health
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Endodontics refers to the discipline in dentistry that deals with maintaining the health of the living tissues inside a tooth (pulp) and preventing infection of the surrounding tissues. Where infection is already present, the aim is to resolve it and restore the tooth to a good appearance and function.

As other structures in the facial, head and neck region may mimic toothache, an endodontist can play an important role in making an accurate diagnosis and undertake appropriate clinical procedures. Where the problem may be non-ondontogenic in origin (i.e. not tooth related) an appropriate referral to a Pain Specialist can be made.

One of the most common therapies performed by an endodontist is Root Canal Treatment.

Why is root canal treatment needed?

The root canal system in a healthy tooth contains living tissue (the pulp), including nerves and blood vessels. This tissue may be damaged by decay or traumatic injury to the tooth, resulting in infection with bacteria and the formation of an abscess.

Symptoms range from mild discomfort, particularly on biting, to significant pain and swelling. Occasionally, the infection presents as a shadow over the roots on an x-ray with no associated pain. Click here for more information.

Root canal treatments can be technically demanding, and so can prove challenging for non-specialist dentists to resolve. We have registered specialists in the field of endodontics/ root canals who are able to deal with the most complex cases.

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When writing about Dr. Dev Patel only superlatives will do. As one who has, unfortunately, had to have a lot of dental treatment - much of it excellent - for many years, I can say that what he has provided since I began seeing him about eighteen months ago for implants has been in a class of its own. If perfection in dentistry exists, then that is what his work is. His expertise and skills are immensely impressive; and he is very approachable. Dental Rooms itself is a welcoming practice, efficiently organised and run.

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