How do dental implants work

  • Replace missing teeth
  • A long term solution
  • Smile with confidence again
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Dental Implants look and function like natural teeth. They are set straight into the jaw, just like your healthy teeth, so there are no additional supports, adhesives or dental creams required, and no damage or discomfort to surrounding teeth or gums.

Dental Implants can be used to:

  • Replace a single tooth
  • Replace several teeth
  • Replace a full set of teeth – in a day!

Make a better, more comfortable support system for dentures, when full implants are not an option.

How Do Dental Implants Work

A dental implant, designed to replace a single tooth, is composed of three parts:

  • the small titanium screw that fuses into the jaw
  • the abutment, which forms a small post protruding above the gum line
  • the tooth shaped porcelain crown, providing a natural appearance

Dental implants are very reliable and have a success rate of 95%.

Guided Surgery

At Dental Rooms, we offer a Guided Surgery implant which is digitally planned. This is a highly accurate method of implant placement, eliminating virtually all possible risk by predetermining the optimum position and exact depth and angle of the implant in advance.

3 Year Guarantee for implant treatment:

We offer a 3-year guarantee for implant treatment carried out at Dental Rooms. Terms and conditions apply, available on request.

Dental Rooms £ Wimbledon 020 8946 2426 Dental Rooms

When writing about Dr. Dev Patel only superlatives will do. As one who has, unfortunately, had to have a lot of dental treatment - much of it excellent - for many years, I can say that what he has provided since I began seeing him about eighteen months ago for implants has been in a class of its own. If perfection in dentistry exists, then that is what his work is. His expertise and skills are immensely impressive; and he is very approachable. Dental Rooms itself is a welcoming practice, efficiently organised and run.

Dental Rooms £ Wimbledon 020 8946 2426 Dental Rooms

I had a front tooth removed and an implant inserted by Dr Dev Patel and his team after being told from a dentist friend that he is the best in the business. After a year of treatments and check ups, I am thrilled with the result and I still get complimented on my teeth- no one can tell I have an implant! Dr Patel and his team were impeccably confident, professional and made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. The staff at the lab that make the tooth were also excellent, taking time and care to get the shape and colour shade just right. I recommend Dental Rooms wholeheartedly.

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