Worried about visiting your dentist? How our team at Dental Rooms can help!

Like most things in life, fears and phobias are often established at a young age or are learned after a particularly bad experience.


And while some fears are avoidable like flying on a plane, when it comes to healthcare, avoidance is not a good plan long-term. Which brings us nicely onto the subject of dental phobias.

Many people have concerns about visiting their dental team for a biannual check-up, but when this worry becomes a phobia it can become crippling and even dangerous. Check-ups are essential to keep your mouth and your overall health in good condition so if you regularly avoid getting into the dental chair, you may inadvertently be putting your health at risk.

At Dental Rooms, we are proud of the services that we offer to help our most phobic patients to overcome their fears. Our compassionate and professional dentist in Wimbledon will work with you to help you feel more relaxed while you are in our care. We do not scoff at dental phobias and will aim to help you become more confident in the long-term with attending check-ups and other dental procedures. Great!

How does our team manage this? Read on to find out!


Communication is key when it comes to overcoming any phobia, so if you are nervous just tell us!

The days of the lecturing and judgmental dental practitioner are long gone, and our dentist in Wimbledon will provide a compassionate and professional approach to any issues that have. We will discuss treatment options with you in jargon-free language and will put you in control of the situation. Perfect


Ok, so while our dentist in Wimbledon cannot offer you a full body massage, we can teach you some deep breathing techniques and localised stretches that are associated with meditation and yoga.

These will relax those tense muscles and allow your body to feel more at ease. A more relaxed body creates a clearer mind, allowing you to focus on the here and now, as opposed to worrying about negative experiences from your past.


If the sounds of the dental surgery set off your anxiety (such as the noises made by a dental drill), then you are more than welcome to bring in your phone or music player to listen to your favourite songs via earphones.

If you have access to a virtual reality headset, you are free to wear this too, just make sure you put yourself in a relaxing setting in the virtual world!


Our team at Dental Rooms is also able to offer our more nervous patients sedation.

We are able to offer both intravenous sedation and nitrous oxide, which is inhaled through a mask. These can make you feel groggy so be sure to have someone accompany you to take you home afterwards.


Localised anaesthetic offers the advantage of blocking pain, and allowing you to experience more comfortable dentistry.

If you have worries about discomfort following treatment, simply talk to our team about undertaking anaesthesia.