Worried about an upcoming dental check-up? Ways our dentist can help you to relax

Whether you have skipped a few dental check-ups or are a bit embarrassed by the condition of your teeth, it can make getting into the dental chair a bit harder.


In the past, many nervous dental patients have been ridiculed for their issues surrounding dental hygiene, which creates an obvious problem; if you feel ashamed of your teeth you are less likely to attend appointments, putting you at a higher risk of dental problems.

In the modern era, however, dental professionals have made this link and can help; we are aware that belittling patients is counterproductive and so when you visit our team at Dental Rooms, you can be sure of a warm welcome.

At Dental Rooms, our dentist in Wimbledon treats all of our patients with a high level of care they deserve, especially those who are a bit prone to anxiety in the dental chair. We will work with you to help you overcome your worries and will aim to restore your smile to its former glory, boosting your confidence in the process. What’s not to like about that?

But how does our dentist in Wimbledon help our more nervous patients conquer their fears? Read on to find out!

Open communiation

When you are booking your appointment with our team at Dental Rooms let us know if you have concerns about dental procedures.

That way, our dentist in Wimbledon will be better equipped to help you when you arrive at our surgery and can more openly discuss your concerns with you. Remember, we want to work with you to help you beat your phobia, meaning we have to know it is there in the beginning so we can adapt our care approach to you.


In line with our team helping you to alleviate your fears, we will be able to advise you on some breathing techniques to calm your nerves.

While we are far from zen Buddhist monks, we know how fear can tense the muscles and shorten the breath! And so, we can teach you some simple breathing exercises while you are with our team. Why not follow this up in your own time at home with an online video or app to help you become more mindful and relaxed? You will be amazed at what some deep breathing can do!


If you need something a bit more intense to help you remain calm, we can help there too and will welcome the use of a phone or iPod playing music while we work on your teeth.

However, we do not recommend trying a distraction technique when you have just joined our surgery, as your ability to communicate will be compromised and can actually heighten your worries if used incorrectly.


In the most severe cases of dental phobia, our team can offer sedation. We will typically offer intravenous sedation which will render you partially conscious through the procedure but in the long-term, we will try to move away from such harsh methods.