New to wearing an Invisalign aligner? Top tips from our team at Dental Rooms

So, you have just visited our dentist and have been told you are suitable for invisible braces; good for you!


Renowned for their discreet appearance, effectiveness and ease of use for patients, invisible braces have become extremely popular with teenagers and adults, and as they can treat a wide range of issues, they are also very versatile.

However, there are some rules that you will need to abide by when wearing your invisible braces to ensure you get the most from them.

At our Dental Rooms practice, we can help you manage the day-to-day life of wearing invisible braces like Invisalign Wimbledon. Our team has helped numerous patients who have worn this brace and can offer tips to help you get through those first few weeks comfortably. Brilliant!

But what are some of the key points that will make your life with Invisalign Wimbledon easier?

Keep your aligners in!

A key advantage of Invisalign Wimbledon is that you can take the aligner out to eat food or brush your teeth.

However, this can lead to the ever-present temptation to keep the aligner out of your mouth for longer than you should. Our team may recommend wearing the brace constantly at the start of your treatment and as you adjust, you can remove it for 2 hours per day.

This brace must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours each day to be effective, so keep it in your mouth!

Keep them clean

As this aligner is made from clear plastic, it needs to be kept clean to be discreet.

And while it may seem that you need to clean it vigorously with different washes, simply running it under a cold tap each day will do. Do not use hot water as this may cause the plastic to warp and refrain from using mouthwashes to clean it as it can discolour the plastic.

Correct storage is essential

Tempted to take your invisible brace out and toss it in your bag? Don’t!

When we provide you with this invisible brace, we will give you a carry case which you must keep it in when you aren’t wearing it. This will prevent it from getting damaged or lost and will, most importantly, keep the plastic clean. Simple really!

Dental wax may be required

We all know how traditional metal braces can cause issues with the inside of the mouth; the brackets can rub against the inner cheeks and lips, causing discomfort as the mouth adjusts.

For the first few weeks of wear with an invisible brace, the plastic may be hard and can cause friction issues with the inner cheeks and tongue. Our team can offer you dental wax until the plastic wears down.

Watches and toothbrushes will be required!

You will need to live by the clock to keep the aligner in for 22 hours per day and, to keep your dental health in check, after each meal you will need to brush your teeth before putting the brace back in.