How our dentist can help dental phobias

When it comes to attending dental checkups, few people are excited about getting into the dental chair. In fact, most people see checkups as an annoyance that they will put off as they don’t have the time to attend.


However, there is quite a large number of dental patients who are more than slightly worried about attending appointments. For patients who have aversions to dental checkups, the idea of even walking into a dental surgery can fill them with dread, let alone undertaking a checkup.

At Dental Rooms, our dentist Wimbledon will give you the time you need to make you feel safe, comfortable and in control of your dental health. We pride ourselves on our great patient care and can offer multiple solutions to those who have dental phobias.

And so, what are some of the warning signs that you may have an aversion to seeing our dentist Wimbledon and what can we do to help?


If the idea of seeing our dentist Wimbledon brings you out in a sweat, then it is likely you may have a dental aversion.

If that sweating is followed by feeling dizzy or ill, we can still help you feel comfortable when you visit our team! We can offer sedation options, such as intravenous (IV) sedation, which will render you partially conscious while also blocking discomfort and memories of the procedure.


If you feel emotionally distant in the lead up to a checkup, this can be a sign that you have anxiety.

For dental anxiety, we can offer you a compassionate and understanding environment, allowing you to talk openly about your dental concerns with our team. We will also offer you a non-clinical appointment before your visit so, you can get to know our team and break down any preconceptions you have about dental practitioners; we are just people!

Issues with blood pressure

When it comes to getting into the dental chair, if your heart begins to race or slow down (both are signs of anxiety and stress), we can help.

We can offer you distractions such as music or television shows so that, while we can work on your teeth, you can focus on something relaxing hopefully reduces your stress.

In severe cases of blood pressure issues, our team can offer you sedation options. However, we may also advise you to speak to your doctor about more long-term anti-anxiety treatments.


One of the easiest ways to cope with a dental phobia is to avoid attending dental checkups.

But this will inevitably lead to your dental issues worsening, thus later requiring more invasive treatments that may reinforce your anxieties.

We aim to help with this by offering a friendly environment to all of our patients, alongside taking the appointment at your pace. We see dental anxieties as a serious issue that needs to be addressed so, we will work with you to help you overcome them. If you haven’t seen a dental team for a while or have concerns about your teeth, please contact our team at Dental Rooms today!