FAQs about Invisalign answered by Dental Rooms

There is no doubt that if you have misaligned teeth as an adult, you will have searched online for a solution. And our team at Dental Rooms would be very surprised if during your searches you hadn’t come across invisible aligners.


At Dental Rooms, our team has used invisible aligners like Invisalign Wimbledon and clear braces for years, helping our patients get the straighter smiles that they deserve with the discretion that they want!

But what are some of the most common questions asked by our patients about Invisalign Wimbledon? Read on to find out!

Are invisible aligners uncomfortable?

Even in 2021, there is no way for our dentists to move teeth without causing a bit of soreness and pressure. And that goes for all aligners and braces, including Invisalign Wimbledon!

As you have to switch between aligners on average every 2 weeks, during the first few days of weaning a new aligner, you can expect there to be some soreness. For this, we recommend taking over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

If you have concerns about how much discomfort you are in with your aligner, please call our team for a checkup.

How long are they worn for?

This will depend on how severe your misalignment is.

Generally, with invisible aligners, you can expect the treatment to take between 3-6 months but it isn’t uncommon for it to take slightly longer.

Also, you will need to keep the aligners in your mouth for the recommended 22 hours a day to reap the benefits. Failure to do so can result in the process taking longer than predicted.

Do invisible aligners damage your teeth?

Many people worry that using an orthodontic tool will damage their teeth.

We would never use anything that was found to be hazardous to our patients’ teeth, gums or general health so, no, aligners cannot damage your teeth. If you have underdeveloped roots, there may be an issue with deformation occurring with an aligner, but we will always mitigate such occurrences with tests before fitting the aligner.

Are invisible aligners suitable for everyone?

There are some limitations on what can be achieved when using invisible aligners so, no, not all people will be suitable for using them.

For instance, if you have a misalignment that would involve rotating or straightening molars, then our team may suggest a clear brace over an invisible aligner. For more complex misalignments or severe cases of overbites, crossbites or underbites, we would tend to opt for using an orthodontic brace.

Are there age restrictions on invisible aligners?

Yes. As a general rule, when you visit our team for a consultation about invisible aligners, we will only prescribe them if the roots of your teeth are fully formed. This typically occurs between the ages of 17 and 18. We rarely allow young teenagers to wear our adult aligners due to this; however, to double-check, we will perform some x-ray scans. There is no upper age limit on using these aligners, provided that you and your oral health are in good shape!