Does Invisalign only work on the top teeth? Questions about the infamous invisible brace answered

When it comes to getting straighter teeth as an adult, there are now multiple options to achieve this.


And we aren’t just talking about the traditional, metal braces; many adults can get the smile they have always wanted quickly and effectively, without needing to resort to wearing the less than minimal brace. There are now 3 alternative brace types available, all designed to keep those unwanted stares at bay; a clear brace, an invisible brace and a cosmetic brace.

Clear braces are usually attached to the teeth using clear or tooth coloured brackets and require tightening in the same way as regular braces. Cosmetic braces are similar, but are only attached to the front 6 teeth and cannot correct more complicated misalignments.

In this article, we will be looking at invisible braces.

Because at Dental Rooms, we know all about invisible braces and can offer our suitable patients Invisalign in Wimbledon. Discreet, removable and easy to fit around daily life, it is one of our most popular braces. We have helped hundreds of patients get the straighter smile they want using this brace, and you could be next! Perfect!

But you probably have some questions and you may have heard some rumours which have made you a bit unsure about trying Invisalign in Wimbledon. Here, our team answers some of these questions- enjoy!

Will it make my teeth yellow?

In a word, no.

Invisalign in Wimbledon is made up from a set of aligners which are designed to be changed every 2-3 weeks. And as the brace is removable, you are free to take it out to clean your teeth and the aligner, so there should be no associated yellowing.

Does it only work on the top teeth?

No, this brace is designed to be worn on both the upper and lower set of teeth.

There is no decrease in its ability to straighten teeth based on which set of teeth it is moving.

Is it uncomfortable?

Initially, it may take some getting used to but this brace is designed to be comfortable enough to sleep in!

As it applies gentle pressure to your teeth to gradually move them, after each new aligner is put on, it may feel tight and uncomfortable. This is normal and should fade in a few days. In general, it is considered more comfortable than many other braces that are available for adult orthodontics.

Can it correct an overbite?

This will depend on how severe the overbite is but yes, this brace can correct minor to moderate overbites.

If your overbite is more severe than this brace can effectively treat, our team at Dental Rooms will be more than happy to suggest an alternative, discrete brace to correct the misalignment.

How long will the realignment process take?

Again, this will depend on how severe the issue being treated is. Generally, this brand of invisible brace takes an average of 6 – 9 months to work, but a full realignment may be completed in as little as 3 months.