Do I need to see a dentist if my tooth hurts? 5 reasons to attend an emergency dental appointment

It can be a bit confusing to decide when you need to see an emergency practitioner. Especially in 2020.


When it comes to dental-related concerns, it can be difficult to identify as and when you may need an emergency or same-day appointment. Some people have concerns about going to their dental team in general and may prefer to wait until their next scheduled check-up to cope with whatever issue they are having.

However, this is not wise and our team at Dental Rooms will tell you why.

At Dental Rooms, our dentist in Wimbledon is trained in managing all manner of dental emergencies and can help to alleviate any associated discomfort. We pride ourselves on putting our patients’ comfort first, so whether you have a sore tooth or a strange lump, you can count on our team at Dental Rooms to resolve it.

But what are some of the signs that you may need an appointment with our emergency dentist in Wimbledon?

Unrelenting discomfort

One of the most common signs that you need an emergency appointment with our dentist in Wimbledon is an unrelenting discomfort.

Typically feeling like a stabbing pain, a pulsating feeling or an intense bruise, this sensation can get worse when you are eating and drinking. It may be accompanied by a blue colouration to the gum, fever or nausea.

If you notice any of these signs, contact our team.


Usually easily spotted, a swelling that has appeared on one side of your face or underneath your jawline warrants an emergency appointment.

Swellings do not have to be uncomfortable to warrant an assessment from our team; they may indicate anything from an infection to an impacted tooth. Regardless, call our team if you notice any sudden or gradual swelling in the facial or oral area.

Breaks and chips

If you have broken one of your teeth, cracked it or chipped it, then it is important to seek emergency dental care.

Simply put, such damage can spread; a small crack can grow across the enamel with pressure, causing discomfort and potential breaking of the tooth. Untreated, bacteria and decay can begin to form which may lead to an abscess. If this occurs, our team would need to treat your damaged tooth with both a root canal and a potential crown.

If you notice a chip or a crack, contact us right away; a simple application of composite and the damage is repaired without any invasive techniques.


When you have had a tooth extracted, or you have been in a collision, it is important to keep an eye on any bleeds in the oral area.

If after 20 minutes of constant pressure with clean gauze the bleed does not slow down or stop, contact our team.

Sudden sensitivity

Indicative of a lost filling or crown, sudden sensitivity to heat and cold requires urgent investigation.

Delaying this will not only lead to discomfort but can also cause any decay to spread or an abscess to form.