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Take the first steps to getting the smile you deserve

Are you self conscious about your crooked smile or crooked teeth? When you look at photos of yourself do you wish your smile looked better? Is it difficult to keep your teeth and gums clean because your teeth are crooked?

Well this is your chance to talk to an expert and find out more about how Orthodontics can help. Remember, braces are more than a way to create a stunning smile; they can improve dental health and function too. Overcrowded or crooked teeth are harder to brush and floss and improper cleaning can lead to tot decay and gum problems.

To book an appointment with a Specialist Orthodontist Dr Angela Auluck please call now on 020 8946 2426.

Dr. Angela Auluck can provide you with the following braces:
Invisalign, Incognitio, ibraces, Clarity, Smartclip, Damon, Simlpi5 aligners

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