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Welcome to Dental Rooms The Home of Dental Excellence

We provide the highest level of customer service and expert advice,

across a wide range of dental services, in our beautiful clinic with

state of the art facilities. We treat every patient as an individual

and every smile as unique to give you the best service possible.

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Cosmetic Dentistry
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Meet the Team

  • Dr Dev Patel
    Dr Dev Patel
  • Dr Angela Auluck
    Dr Angela Auluck
  • Dr Mahul Patel
    Dr Mahul Patel
  • Dr Morteza Mazinanian
    Dr Morteza Mazinanian
  • Dr. Azadeh Kiani
    Dr. Azadeh Kiani
  • Dr Satinder Matharu
    Dr Satinder Matharu
  • Dr Tommy Cilliers
    Dr Tommy Cilliers
  • Dr Risha Patel
    Dr Risha Patel
  • Dr Anna Kyriazidou
    Dr Anna Kyriazidou
  • Narma Balal
    Narma Balal
  • Krystyna Kedzia
    Krystyna Kedzia
  • Rama Shahi
    Rama Shahi
  • Sandra Smart
    Sandra Smart
  • Jessica Barfield
    Jessica Barfield
  • Andrea Patrice
    Andrea Patrice
  • Alexandra Fuller
    Alexandra Fuller
  • Sapna Bhise
    Sapna Bhise
  • Axa Magar
    Axa Magar
  • Jane Johnson
    Jane Johnson
  • Sopna Quasem
    Sopna Quasem
  • Leidy Salazar
    Leidy Salazar
  • Raj Seedam
    Raj Seedam
  • Kimberley Salmassian
    Kimberley Salmassian

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