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Endodontics in Wimbledon, SW London

Endodontics refers to that discipline in dentistry that deals with maintaining the health of the living tissues inside a tooth (pulp) and preventing infection of the surrounding tissues. Where infection is already present, the aim is to resolve it and restore the tooth to a good appearance and function.

As other structures in the facial, head and neck region may mimic toothache, an endodontist can play an important role in making an accurate diagnosis and undertake appropriate clinical procedures. Where the problem may be non – odontogenic in origin (ie. not tooth related) an appropriate referral to a Pain Specialist can be made.

One of the most common therapies performed by an endodontist is Root Canal Treatment.

Why is root canal treatment needed?
The root canal system in a healthy tooth contains living tissue (the pulp) including nerves and blood vessels. This tissue may be damaged by decay or traumatic injury to the tooth resulting in infection with bacteria and the formation of an abscess.

Symptoms range from mild discomfort, particularly on biting, to significant pain and swelling. Occasionally, the infection presents as a shadow over the roots on an x-ray with no associated pain.

  Root canal treatment (RCT) is needed to remove the damaged tissue, disinfect the root canal system and restore the tooth to function. Certain teeth may have complex anatomy or may be part of a bridge and require careful treatment. However, current modern day endodontic practices, such as the use of a microscope which allows for greater visual access, enables for the completion of such cases to a high standard as shown below.

Occasionally RCT is undertaken in a previously root filled tooth in which the treatment is inadequate or has failed. The outcome for such cases can be very favourable and result complete resolution and healing of large infections as shown below. Where appropriate, a surgical procedure (apicectomy, root resection) can be undertaken.

What other treatments are common in endodontics?

Traumatic injuries
The management of accidental traumatic injuries, particularly in children, is an important aspect of endodontic practice. The front teeth (incisors) are often involved and sustain fractures or chipped crowns. Such teeth require careful monitoring to ensure that the teeth remain healthy and develop as normal. A decision may have to be made to perform root canal treatment to avoid pulp death and infection. Such teeth can be restored to normal appearance and function.

Endodontically involved or treated teeth may discolour over time. Where appropriate, bleaching of the tooth can restore the tooth to its original colour and normal appearance.


Consultation   £95 - £125
Root Canal Treatments
£700 - £850
£750 - £895
£895 - £995
Surgery from £750

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Ideally, patients are invited to attend for a consultation appointment. However, it is appreciated that patients may wish to minimize the number of appointments and every effort will be made to accommodate them. Normally, treatments will require a single appointment (90 to 120 minutes) or two 90 minute appointments. Anxious patients and complex cases may require more time. Treatment under sedation can be arranged, in conjunction with an anaesthetist, on site.

The above gives an overview of the possibilities in Specialist Endodontic Practice at the Dental Rooms. Please contact us should you require any further information.

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