Invisalign Smile Assessment Week – Monday 12th – Friday 16th November 2018

We’re taking part in Invisalign Smile Assessment Week! To celebrate we are offering;

  • FREE consultation and scan with our specialist orthodontist, normally £149
  • £500 OFF treatment plans for all those who sign up post consultation*
  • Finance options on request
  • Additional evening appointments

Invisalign is a teeth straightening solution involving a series of clear, virtually invisible, removable and comfortable aligners to give you a beautiful set of straight teeth. Click here to find out more.

The virtually invisible aligners make it an incredibly discreet option, with shorter treatment times than other teeth straightening solutions, so ideal for busy adults and self-conscious teens.

You can book your FREE consultation and scan with us by calling or emailing us on either 020 946 2426 or, or by clicking on this link:

*T&Cs apply

Invisalign – Everything You Need to Know

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth straightening solution involving a series of clear, virtually invisible, removable and comfortable aligners to give you a beautiful set of straight teeth.

Invisalign aligners offer the perfect solution as they are clear and have a precision fit – so you will be the only person who knows you are wearing them! This also means you benefit sooner from your evolving perfect smile, which will be visible during treatment – without being hidden behind traditional wire and bracket solutions. Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise are just a few well known celebrities who have used this teeth straightening solution – and you can too!

You can book a free consultation with us to find out if it is a suitable solution for you. Details at the bottom of this blog post.

Invisalign benefits:

  • Virtually invisible – so you can smile and socialise in confidence.
  • Removable – so you can eat, drink, brush and floss as usual.
  • Custom made and close fitting – your speech won’t be affected
  • Smooth and a snug fit – discomfort and damage to gums and surrounding tissue that can be caused by some fixed brace brackets, or loose or broken bracket wires, is eliminated
  • Reduced treatment time – precision digital planning reduces treatment time from some traditional teeth straightening methods
  • Time saving – on average, you only need to make a short visit to us every 6-8 weeks to collect each series of aligners. You would change your aligners every two weeks without having to revisit the clinic.
  • Less invasive – the aligners are removable, clear, smooth and flexible. No issues commonly caused by some bracket and wire brace options.
  • Enjoy the benefits of your improving smile at every stage – as Invisaligners are clear and virtually invisible, people will only notice your improving smile and not your braces.

Invisalign can be used to treat a variety of problems including:

  •  Crooked teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Overly crowded teeth
  • A deep bite
  • An underbite
  • An open bite
  • A crossbite

Is Invisalign suitable for all ages?

Invisalign is great for teens and adults, with a separate Invisalign programme especially for teenagers.

Invisalign Teen is the perfect solution for self-conscious teens. The clear aligners mean no conspicuous, traditional wire and brackets on their teeth, and the smooth, close fitting aligner sits only over the actual teeth, meaning speech remains unaffected, so your teenager can socialise with confidence.

There may be instances with younger teens when Invisalign is not suitable, due to the fact their teeth and jaw may still be developing.

Special Features

As your teenager and their mouth are still growing, Invisalign Teen has been designed with several additional features, specifically for a growing patient, with compliance indicators.

Invisalign Teen is great for active teens who need to remove their aligners for best sports and instrument playing performance and the near invisibility means teenagers don’t need to feel self-conscious in school or or personal photos. Serena Williams is a famous sporting celebrity who wore Invisalign as a teen!

The fact that Invisalign Teen starts working with the first set of aligners also means that your teenager doesn’t have to wait until the end of their treatment to reap the full rewards – all stages of improvement will be fully visible and unhindered by traditional bracket and wire braces!

Can everyone use Invisalign? 

Invisalign is suitable for most teeth straightening, apart from more extreme case when jaw adjustment with alternative orthodontic procedures is needed. It may also not be suitable for younger cases where teeth are still growing.

We offer a bespoke treatment plan and finance options to make sure you can get the perfect smile you deserve.

The best way to determine if you, or a loved one, is a suitable candidate is to book a free consultation with us by calling or emailing us on either 020 946 2426 or, or by clicking on this link:


10th Anniversary & Launch Party – Wednesday 3rd October 2018


A big thank you to all those who attended our Dental Rooms 10th Anniversary & Launch Party on Wednesday 3rd October. What a spectacular event it was! The overwhelming positive response from all our guests has absolutely blown us away, and we look forward to continuing our journey with you for the next 10 years! You can view a selection of photos from the evening on our Facebook:

Well over 200 guests joined us for the party, sponsored by Nobel and Wrights Cottrell and with Friarwood Fine Wines as one of our event partners, supplying the wine. We also had great support from other local businesses who contributed towards our fantastic goody bags, including; Space NK, Neals Yard, Andy’s Salon, Revital, The Glass House Clinic and Peppersmiths, with many more attending our event.


We had a number of special offers available exclusively on the night. Due to demand, we have agreed to extend the event offers to all those on our mailing list, including new patients. Terms and conditions apply. You can email us on or ring us on 020 8946 2426 to find out more.

£100 Off Whitening: we are offering £100 off our at-home whitening service for all those who book and pay for their treatment in October. Appointments must be taken by 30.11.2018
Half Price Hygienist Appointment: Available with every Full Price General Dental Check-Up in October and November. Very few slots still available – book now!
Free Consultations: You can book in for a free Orthodontic, Implant or Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation with our dedicated Treatment Coordinator.
Half Price Specialist Consultations: valid for implant and orthodontic appointments with our Specialist Dentists when booked and paid for in October. Appointments must be taken by 30.11.2018
Free Talks & Events: all those signed up to our mailing list will receive notice of our free talks and events, coming up in the new year.


We were thrilled to welcome the Milad Shadrooh, aka The Singing Dentist, recently voted No 1 Most Influential Person in Dentistry to our event. Many of you will have seen him on tv this year, or perhaps be one of his hundreds of thousands of social media followers. And now many of our patients will have selfies with him! He attended with colleagues from one of his new enterprises, Smile Wise, who were doing free Smile Scans and consultations on the night.

We also had patients, dentists, local residents and businesses and friends and family present, all contributing towards a wonderful atmosphere.

The Next 10 Years!

We look forward to continuing our journey with all our patients and supporters, old and new. We have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline – so watch this space!

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