Dental Room


One to one mentoring: Once dentists are working in practice, we know there are limited opportunities for accessible mentoring from highly skilled and experienced dentists to allow you to continue to evolve and improve your practice, without having to go back to full time study.

Work Shadowing: We have some of the best dentists in the country working at our practice, who are able to provide work shadowing opportunities - either with your patients or theirs - in areas you are interested in, or with cases you are struggling with.

Supervision Mentoring: We can also provide 'supervision' mentoring, where our specialists can be present during procedures you are building confidence with, to allow you to stretch yourself and work on cases you might otherwise have referred out.

Your Place or Ours: Both work shadowing and supervision mentoring opportunities are subject to availability and can take place either at Dental Rooms, or at your practice.

Subject area: All dental disciplines considered

Open to all dentists.

Cost: POA

Please contact for more info.